Photo Frames

In the age of digital photography we seem to forget the importance of getting photos developed and displayed. Our memories are so important we need to show them off for all to see in our home rather than keeping them hidden away on our computers.   As a designer, when I visit clients homes I always look at the photographs on display as it gives me a real insight into someones lifestyle and personality when you can take a peek at their personal memories.

The photo below displayed in a wonderful aluminium frame brings back magical memories of my trip to India earlier this year, it was my first evening in Kerela which was spent at a local festival in a small village.  Despite the jet lag and scary journey on the rick shaw to the event I was  immediately uplifted into this colourful world of Indian culture.

Whenever I look at this photo it instantly makes me smile as I remember how excited I was to be there.  The recycled aluminium frame is hand crafted using an age old casting technique and the base is made from Sheesham wood.  If you love the frame as much as I do you can purchase one from my new online store:



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