Why I love wallpaper

In recent years wallpaper has come back into vogue in big way, whether you decide to select a traditional design created using  hand blocked printing or make a bold statement with a contemporary graphic print, wallpaper is the easiest way to inject personality into your walls.  There are certain tips to consider when choosing your design though, so with any design project you need to analyse your space carefully before you make your purchase.

Cole and Son have some amazing large scale  bold designs, if you are fortunate to have high ceilings and generous room proportions large bold prints work well as you can really make the most out of the large pattern repeats.


Image from: http://www.cole-and-son.com

If you are working with a smaller surface area, such as a new build apartment in central london which may have low ceilings and perhaps lack character, textured wallpapers with smaller less formal patterns can work really well.  Erica Wakerly has designed a great collection of contemporary designs, light bounces off this metallic wallpaper so the design enhances the quality of light and space so perfect for a smaller room.

Image from: www.ericawakerly.co.uk

The cost of wallpaper can range from affordable to expensive so you need to choose wisely before making your purchase.  The detail that has been created on the butterflies by this Glasgow based company Timorous Beasties (great name) is truly stunning, it is £240 per roll so certainly a design you would want to enjoy for a while.

A great interiors tip is to remember that wallpaper does not have to be limited to walls, if you have any wallpaper left over or you have simply fallen in love with a design you can use it is many ways.  A practical way to introduce wallpaper into the kitchen is to hang a strip of wallpaper behind a glass splash back, this is a more cost effective  alternative than purchasing a coloured glass splash back and it will be truly bespoke.  Alternatively cover furniture with a bold design, decorate the inside of your kitchen cupboards which have glass doors so you can see the paper inside through the glass.  This tiny chair has been given a sweet new look decorated with wallpaper from Paper Boy.



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