Colour combinations

One of the main topics people want to discuss with me is colour, you may have heard of the saying “blue and green should never be seen” with an added comment about “apart from with a colour in between”. I have both lectured about colour and attended some inspirational talks by wonderful designers such as Tricia Guild and the truth is, whilst there is a huge amount of theory behind colour, with some careful planning there really is no right or wrong combination.  Besides, as an individual it should always be about your personal taste, if a certain colour combination evokes an emotion in you and you love it then you should go for it.  Designers should always design for clients and produce high quality designs based on their ideas, likewise if you are selecting a colour scheme for your home it should always be based on what you love.

OK, so emotions aside and now for the science part (well sort of), when you look at a rich royal blue and emerald green together (such as the paint colours below by little greene) you can visualize that in a room these two dark shades would overwhelm and absorb all the light.

Deep space bluelg_canton_mn


However, by carefully selecting stunning shades of blue and green  and with the introduction of a third colour this colour combination can be truly stunning.


This  exotic bathroom designed by Madeline Stuart & Associates features walls hand-painted to mimic decorative Islamic tilework.  The introduction of the third colour gold in between the blue and green shades works on so many levels, gold being a metallic compliments virtually any colour combination and the gold leaf reflects the light which creates a sense of space and light in what could potentially be a dark space.  The colours blue and green also work particularly well in a bathroom as they are colours which encourage relaxation.

Whatever colour combination you choose remember it should not only compliment the space you are living, but also be a true reflection of your personality.  Of course if you need assistance, you can always hire a designer :).

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