The colour red

Valentines day is fast approaching and the colour red is everywhere, whether you are a smug couple or a carefree singleton why is it that the colour red seems to stir up strong emotions within us? We seem to either love it or loathe it (both the day and the colour). It is no surprise to me that the colour red dominates what is supposed to be the day of love, if you are interested in colour theory red is believed to increase our pulse and heart rate and raise our blood pressure.  Taking this bold claim into consideration how can we successfully introduce the colour red into our lives and interiors without unsettling us too much.

Personally I tend to veer towards the warmer shades of red which I find less dominating than say a bright pillar box red. The use of red in this hallway designed by Thomas Britt is stunning.  The rich coral red high gloss walls look amazing up against the cream ceiling drapes and adjacent wall.  The lighting is magical and great design detailing to paint the door at the end of the hallway in the same colour.


Here are a couple of my favourite shades from Fired Earth.

image_16290                            image_16309

So whether whether you love red with a passion or just find it a bit too overwhelming, with some careful selection there is a shade (and of course love interest) that will be just right for you.

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