Bedroom tips

I was thrilled to be asked again to contribute to an online article for Amara Luxpad which provided expert advice on decorating your bedroom.  The article included tips from some of the design industries’ finest designers including the likes of the amazing Abigail Aherne and the inspirational Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

Tips from me included advice on creating the right balance when selecting window treatments.

“Window dressing is key and layering works best, a soft voile panel can be hung behind a heavier curtain for extra privacy when needed” 

My favourite tip was on how to introduce colour within the bedroom.

“Keep overall scheme neutral, introduce colour with bed linen which can be changed to match seasons, pastels for Spring, warm tones for Winter” 

The article also included this cute little picture below to illustrate my tip:


As Spring is almost approaching and I for one cannot wait for the warmer weather, February is a  great time to start thinking about a bedroom makeover.


This bold duvet set by Missoni available to purchase from Amara contains some lovely pastel shades, it would it be a great choice if you are looking for a duvet set with more muted shades for spring but without the florals.  Neutral wall colours that would work well all year round and act as a perfect base for you to introduce different patterns into the room are Faded Rose and Dove by Zoffany.


faded rose

If you favour florals then Designers Guild have a wonderful selection of designs, I love the blue and purple tones used within this design, it is not ‘too girly’ so would be a good choice for couples bedrooms as men will tolerate flowers so long as they are not ‘too flowery’ if that makes sense.


These grey tones called Inox and Gauze Mid by Little Greene would be a great backdrop for this design, again the colours are neutral so would compliment a wide range of colours and patterns.



Little Greene describe their new collection of grey shades as: ‘graduated greys formulated on four naturally occurring pigments: Verdigris, Umber, Ochre and Red Oxide; used for centuries to create harmonious, balanced and tranquil interiors.’ so they are a perfect choice for a bedroom environment.

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