Bathroom design

Embarking on a re-design of your bathroom is a daunting task, to me a well designed bathroom is as important as re-designing your kitchen for many reasons, the primary one being cost.  Unless you are planning on staying in your property for many years, or you are fortunate enough to be in a ‘forever home’ you really need to consider installing neutral sanitary ware that will stand the test of time.  Installing a purple bath (yes they really do exist) may seem like a good idea at the time but as a home owner you may tire of the colour and when you come to sell your buyers often look at the bathroom in detail, and if they suspect it requires an update and they do not share your taste of orange wall tiles it will put them off.

There are some wonderful neutral sanitary ware available, depending on your budget and also the size of the space a good tip is to go for a less ornate and expensive bath and shower (no acrylic tubs though please) and invest in some really good taps and shower head.  If you think about the taps as the jewellery to your outfit (or your wheel trims for your car boys) you can make an average looking tub or basin look stunning.  Our eyes are naturally drawn to silver objects so when we see a designer tap or shower head in a bathroom we get the illusion that everything is of that quality and standard.

Catchpole & Rye sell some fantastic taps and shower heads,  they are investment pieces but you can see how they would create an aspirational look. They have a fantastic showroom in Chelsea which is worth a visit and have carried out design projects on stunning properties.



When it comes to selecting tiles, again you really need to consider a design that you will want to live with for a while as replacing and installing new tiles is an expensive job.  I love these mosaic tiles that have been used in the penthouse suite in the Mayfair hotel.


Mosaic tiles are a great way to subtly add colour, you do not have to install them from floor to ceiling, a clever introduction of mosaic tiles as a border or above a basin would look great and Fired Earth sell a fantastic range.


When it comes to accessories this really is an opportunity to be creative, the possibilities are endless, if you love colour then include brightly coloured hand/bath towels and bathmats etc.  Hung in the right place pictures are a great way to introduce colour and personality into a bathroom and if you really are a child at heart there is always a space for a rubber duck on the side of the bath!

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