Ways with paint

Paint and colour have got to be my favourite design subjects, changing the colour of your walls remains one of the simplest and also inexpensive way to inject personality and colour into your interior.

When it comes to choosing paint, my advice when selecting paint colour is to work like a designer and travel further afield than your local DIY store.  The range of specialist brands available are immense.   If you think about how you can spend an entire day looking for a new outfit, you simply need to apply this principle to paint selection and before you know it you will have created a unique look that is superior to what you will find on the high street.

So where to begin, if you are set on bright vivid shades and want to create a vintage or retro feel, Retrospectives by Little Greene have a really bold range of colours.  Little Greene worked closely with English Heritage on this collection to create 32 shades which are based on genuine colours used in the 1960s and 1970s.  Here are a few of my favourite colours which as you can see are not for the shy and retiring types.

Trumpet 196
Trumpet 196
Phthalo green
Phthalo green

If you are looking for a colour that you believe does not exist, or your dream is to re-create the kind of romantic interior you see on Downtown Abbey the Paint Library is your place to shop.  The founder David Oliver is described as a “rockstar of colour” and a “prince of paint” so need I say more about this colour genuis. The image below illustrates a selection of their Regency colours.

Regency colours

If you are looking for an eco friendly range, Edward Bulmer offer a beautiful selection of colours.  The paints are made using naturally occurring raw materials and traditional formulations that have been adapted to produce beautiful environmentally friendly, non-toxic paints for modern day use.  A couple of my favourite shades are:


As with many things in life the quality of the product is reflected in the price, whilst your average superior brand may be around £8 more a tin than what you would purchase from your average DIY store the results really are worth it.  The less expensive brands often contain more water, so the coverage of the premium paints are not only superior the finish will also last longer.  Happy painting….

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