House hunting

Having accepted an offer on my current property in 4 days of it being up for sale, I have concluded that for once the media and estate agents are not being creative with the truth 🙂  we are indeed in the midst of another property bubble.  So whilst I am not complaining, I am now in the process of some serious house hunting and having recently read that there are 10 Londoners chasing every 1 property this is no easy task I tell you. Where are Kirsty and Phil when you need them?

So whilst Kirstys’ golden advice of ‘you must learn to compromise’ is at the forefront of my mind, there are three key things that this lady is not for turning on.

Number 1:  Period property only please Estate Agent.  Whilst I have nothing against new builds, I have lived in one after all and there are some fantastic new developments up for sale, I love a house that has character.  Whether it be a small cottage or an old converted warehouse I am sold.


This is a fantastic example of a warehouse conversion, I love the exposed brickwork and original beams throughout and the windows are amazing.

Number 2: Period features please

Original features are one of the reasons that I love older homes, I want original fireplaces,  high skirtings and decorative cornices.  I don’t mind if things are a bit wonky, my house was built around 1888 so it is full of imperfections or “quirks” as I call them.  I like the uneven door frames and bumpy walls, who wants to live in a magnolia show house with plasterboard walls?


This is a great example of an Edwardian fireplace c 1910 made from 4 inch mottled blue tiles.  If you live in a property that has had its original features removed there are some fantastic salvage yards around.

Number 3: That feeling

This is all a bit corny and terribly cliched but you really do know as soon as you walk into a property that you want to live there.  You just get ‘that feeling’ that no visuals or words can describe.

On that note enough blogging and back to house hunting, am told the spring market “will create an influx of properties” so wish me luck!

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