Kitchen design

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to an online kitchen tips article for the Amara Luxpad, the article was put together by their favourite industry experts and is a great source if you are looking for kitchen design ideas.



As with any design space planning is key so you need to make sure that the design not only looks fabulous but is practical.  My favourite tips which emphasise this point were from the award winning design studio Intayra Interior Design, London:

“Arrange the preparation area in a way that allows for conversation, so cooking feels more sociable, and less of a chore.”

Sound advice also comes from the award winning bespoke kitchen designer and writer Darren Morgan who suggests:

“Be consumed by the design process as this will deliver results and help to unlock the limits of your imagination.”

Tips from me included:

“The kitchen is referred to as ‘the heart of the home’, create comfortable seating areas so you can relax, socialise and enjoy the space.”

“Space planning is key, if you can ‘draw’ an imaginary triangle between your hob, sink and fridge you will find food preparation easier.”


“Introduce the colour green into your kitchen, this nurturing colour is believed to promote healthy eating.”

When it comes to designing your space you need to decide on both style and functionality.  Whilst some of us spend hours in the kitchen baking cookies and entertaining friends with our latest Nigella recipes,  others simply see it as a pit stop to fill up their wine glass or prepare a snack before they venture off to the next party.  So whether you are a smug domestic goddess who finds icing cakes relaxing or you have developed a steady relationship with your microwave you need to plan your space to meet your needs.


To me this kitchen designed by ODA-Architecure for an apartment in New York is a great example of a contemporary kitchen.  I can  almost picture the apartment owners sipping their cosmopolitans whilst admiring the New York skyline.  The bar stools are a great idea for this kind of entertaining, you obviously would not want to sit down on them for a three course meal but for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles they are perfect.

The lacquer cabinetry and stainless-steel counters and splash back are high maintenance but in this kind of apartment they look fantastic.  The bold use of red is also not for the shy are retiring types, it is a stimulating colour so is great for bringing energy into a room.


At the other end of the scale the kitchen above designed by Cullman & Kravis (whose website is very impressive) suggests to me that this is owned by a person who loves to cook. There is a generous stove which is surrounded by ceiling height cabinets which ensures there is plenty of storage space for all those pots and pans.  The iron and bronze chandelier which is hung above the table emphasis this as a focal point for eating and entertaining.  The wooden cabinets and flooring ensure that the space will feel warm, homely and inviting.


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