Time out

On a trip to Italy a yoga teacher explained that the time he had taken out from yoga had benefited his practice. I remember thinking at the time surely when you cease doing something you will loose touch, fall behind and in the case of yoga loose flexibility. Life experience has taught me that ‘time out’ is just as important as working relentlessly. When we clear our mind of work emails, internet gossip, tv and social media we make room for new ideas, we can start with a blank canvas minus the niggling distractions.

So how do the profound words of a yoga teacher called Nigel fit in with Interior Design? Well, whilst looking through some holiday photos full of colour having spent a few days away from the grey streets of London, I have a brighter outlook. Neutral palettes have been replaced by bright azure blues and emerald greens.  Leaving the laptop and iPad at home and simply wandering around letting your mind wander really does benefit your practice whatever your discipline may be.


Morrocan lanterns at le Marquis, Ibiza


Moroccan lanterns from le Marrakech store.

Be creative with lighting, there are so many options available beyond your standard neutral shade.  Also be brave and mix purchases from different cultures with your existing furniture.


Brightly coloured front door.

Mambo by Little Greene 

Your front door creates the very first impression of your home, be bold and go for brighter gloss colours.


Bold apartment design.

Planters from The Luxury Planter Collection

Decorate your balcony with brightly coloured pots and plants.  If you are not green fingered (that includes me) go for brightly coloured pots with simple hardy shrubs.


Outdoor bar at Le Marquis, Ibiza.


Glitter balls from DZD, London.

Have a sense of humour when decorating your home, if you love glitter balls then introduce them creatively.  They look particularly effective when hung in groups of three in a bedroom above your bed.


Recycle, recycle, recycle wooden crates used as platform for bar stools at


Pallet coffee table from Made


Ceramic bar sign Cafe del Mar, Ibiza 



Tiles from Euromkii

Think more creatively when it comes to tiles, blue and white is always a stunning combination and works particularly well in bathrooms.


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