New Year

I enjoy the positivity that comes with a new year, the word ‘new’ in itself suggests that exciting life chapters are about to unfold. I like to steer clear of NYE resolutions; there is no way a gym bag is ever going to replace a yoga mat so why bother. I like to see the New Year as a good time to spruce up your surroundings, here are my top tips to ring in those changes.


Euuggh! I hear you cry – self help books tell me to indulge in past times that make me happy, but bear with me on this one. I have some lovely silver candle sticks in my bedroom, I have fond memories of purchasing them from a lovely Italian man on the Kings Road. The problem is my lifestyle does not give me the luxury time to polish silverware! When you get the urge to go shopping, take stock of the existing items you have in your home. Perhaps like us they just need a little TLC now and again in order to make them sparkle.


Now this is something I really need to look at, having recently moved I am living with the standard pendant fitting in my living room. Lighting is all about layering and creating atmospheres, so if you are relying on one source, expect one atmosphere. In order to switch up the mood, experiment with different sources. Add a couple of table lamps to your room, switch your main light off and cosy up under their ambient glow. If you need to catch up on that novel, add a task light to illuminate the area to enable you to see clearly.

Bed make-over

We spend so much time sleeping, the New Year is a perfect time to give your bed a make-over. My tip would to be put that sale dress down and invest in some high thread count sheets. Trust me on this one – it really is worth spending as much as you can afford. I favour down pillows and duvets, the White Company have a great collection, but be mindful of this one as my vegetarian guests appreciate an alternative ☺. If you are scared of pattern simply change your bed-linen to introduce colour into your room – you can change it as per the seasons as per my bedroom tip below.

Happy 2015 everyone.

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